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Euro 2016 bei li "perform four principles of highly effective people" training carried out successfully

Morning of July 9, 2016, obey li new energy technology co., LTD., the high-level managers focus on science and technology building the training room on the second floor with in-depth study, the execution of highly effective people 4 principles of gd hr as the instructor of this course, her coaxing, explain a simple, direct you how to correctly use the four principles in the work.

Previously, the company has carried out overall study "implement the principle of 4 highly effective people" activity, it is not only a book to teach you "do", but also a book to teach you "do". Efficiently implement the principle of 4 has been carried out in China for nearly 10 years of training and consulting, many enterprises be successful. Efficiently perform four principles is not only a new method of organization and leadership, to be more precise, it is a 

revolutionary operating system is applicable to any organization.
The rich practical training course content, the main content is to perform four principles: focus on the most important goals, focus on leading indicators, insist on incentive score table, establishing the law accountability system, and the implementation of the principle of each step and how to use it efficiently in the team. Also in some case analysis in the course, help students better understand the essence. The difficult about the course, students are taking notes.

The end of the training is the beginning of the action, look forward to every students develop their own after training, implement the principle of 4 action plan to apply classroom knowledge in real work process, create obey li high performance team. Looking forward to the next training course goodbye!